Brussels - Muur - Brussels

Brussels - Muur - Brussels

This route is connecting the small villages and towns, in between the European capital Brussels and the iconic Muur of Geraardsbergen. It is both a test of your ability as a cyclist and a homage to the routes that have made Belgian early season classics so memorable. The route is built by Karl-Heinz, better known as Kardama, a Finnish cyclist, once a semi-pro trained in the Soviet Union, who now considers Belgium to be his home - and whose first ride in Belgium was from the capital to the Muur. His original route to the Muur has been adjusted, adapted, tweaked, refined as he has tested roadways to cowpaths until today where it has become, in our opinion, one of the more original routes to ride out of Brussels to the Flemish Ardennes.


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Meet Kardama

Meet Kardama

I am Karl-Heinz, better known as Kardama, a Finnish cyclist, once a semi-pro trained in the Soviet Union, who now considers Belgium to be his home. I own and operate - that means I ride alongside you - PedalBXL Bicycle Tours, a customized bike tour activity for people who want to see a different Belgium, one closer to the heart of a bicycle-mad country. After years and years of riding, I am still discovering the Flemish roads, criss-crossing the routes of the famous early season classics. Cycling in Belgium is an endless discovery and has made me love the folklore that surrounds our collective sport. The route shown here is basic outline of the tiny sections that I have used to create the final design. I ride it just about once every week, always ready to explore a new option, craft something unique for the next tour. But this is the backbone. As for the quality of the ride, the best compliment this dated Finnish rider, now a devout Belgian in my heart, has ever received was from a Belgian cyclist who told me, "This ride made me appreciate my own country".

Out of Brussels

Out of Brussels

The aim is clear on this part: as little traffic and red lights possible. The canal and Itterbeekslaan are the keys to get a smooth exit out of our beloved and congested European Capital.

Roadbike Singletrack

Roadbike Singletrack

Foot roads, field roads, church roads ... are all names for the beautiful “slow roads” in the countryside and the small villages, which, for centuries, provided the connections from village to village, from farm to farm, from church to church. Many of these roads disappeared in recent decades due to the construction of major infrastructure and new housing estates or industrial sites. Other roads were paved and then slowly turned into the road network, thus losing their original function of slow road. They are perfect road bike single track.

River Cruising

River Cruising

Manneke Pis

Manneken Pis

Brussels or Geraardsbergen. Who has the oldest? ​Every day, hundreds of tourists visit Brussels to see and photograph the famous ‘Manneken Pis’. Yet, they are in the wrong place, since ‘Manneken Pis’ van Geraardsbergen is the oldest!

De Vesten & De Muur


In De Rustberg
Back in Brussels

Back in Brussels




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This city is historic and hip, bureaucratic and bizarre. Alluring, but without pretence. The capital of Europe, chocolate, comics and surrealism. Brussels is a special place. It does not take itself too seriously. It’s no surprise, then, that Manneke Pis functions as its mascot.

Grand Place museum Brussels -  © Milo Profi

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