Cycling and beer

Cycling and drinking beer: a difficult combination? Maybe, but somehow they go together very well in Flanders.

Sportive cyclists often finish their cycling tour with a (couple of) beer(s) – if they didn’t interrupt their tour for this already, preferably on a sunny terrace. Flemish people love the stories about the cyclists in the good old days, mixing a raw egg in their Rodenbach (a traditional sour red ale), as an ideal breakfast before the race. Some breweries actively support cylo’s (e.g.: the Roman brewery sponsors the Ename Classic, which is named after their famous abbey beer). Several beers are named after a famous slope or have a name that’s related to cycling in another way: Giesbaargs Muurken (local dialect for ‘Muur van Geraardsbergen’), Kwaremont and Koerseklakske (which translates as 'racing cap').

You can taste them at a typical cycling bar. A tip: Eric Vanderaerden's victory in the 1985 Ronde van Vlaanderen will always start an hour-long conversation. So, first conquer the cobbles, then quench your thirst.



Culinary treats and Belgian beer 

We are living the good life. We are proud of our fries, chocolate and beer. The Belgian beer culture has deep roots. It has been driven for centuries by families, farmers and monks, resulting in a broad range of indigenous beer styles. 


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