You’ve got what it takes to become a true Flandrien? That’s the spirit! You might have some questions or you face some technical issues? We’ll help you back on track.

How to tackle this?

It's quite simple: you take care of the cycling and suffering, technology takes care of the rest. Just make sure to break this down into easy steps:

  • Firstly, you must ride the official, marked on the road, Flandrien Challenge segments to qualify for the badges on our website and to be eligible as a True Flandrien. Riding our suggestion routes or using this ZIP file with 59 gpx files to build your own route will make sure you do.
  • If your GPS device has a live segments function, starring the official Flandrien Challenge segments will allow you to view those segments as you ride the challenge. To star the segments, go to Strava and follow this sequence: Strava > search segments > use this query: ‘flandrien challenge’. Then click the star at the left of each 🏆Flandrien Challenge🏆 segment title. Please note that these run over three pages. For the moment, Strava doesn't show all 59 segments and we have 3 copycats who created non-official segments. You can mark the correct segments by checking the ZIP file above for the names, opening them through Plan your stay > The Ride on our website, and then clicking on View on Strava. This is not needed to complete the challenge, but will add some fun.
  • Next up, you could choose to enable the routing function on your GPS device. Like our races, the routes we've made to enable you to ride our segments tend to criss-cross each other and the lanes of rural Flanders are a maze even for those who've been riding them their whole life. Having directions to follow from our GPX files will give you the best experience and the best chance of success.

And don't forget: a bit of competition is nice, but this challenge is not about speed, it's all about the experience. Have fun, keep it safe and respect the local traffic rules. For instance: if there is a cycle path, you're obliged to use it. Click here for a good general guide on riding courteously.

How can I track my progress?

Go to www.flandrienchallenge.cc, scroll down and click the button: 'Connect with Strava'. Once connected to your Strava account, the website will automatically look back through the last week of your activities to see if you have ridden our 59 segments in the allotted 72 hours.

So you don't even have to connect to the website in advance of your attempt. However, we advise you to take a look, because it contains information over routes, each of the segments, advice on places to visit and more.

I can't immediately upload to Strava? Now what?

No problem, take your time. Our website updates regularly and will automatically pick up all your activities of the last week to see how many segments you've unlocked.

What do you mean ‘How many segments I’ve unlocked’?

The 59 segments that make up the Flandrien Challenge have two statuses: Locked and Unlocked. Locked means you haven’t ridden them yet (or at least not in the last week). Unlocked means you have ridden the segment and you will be able to prove it with the badge on your profile on www.flandrienchallenge.cc.

I’ve conquered some segments, but I can’t see the badges on my profile. Why?

The Flandrien Challenge website updates Strava user date once an hour, so it might take some time. If you’ve uploaded and you don’t see your results yet, there are two things you can do: If you haven’t finished your route yet … Then keep pedaling! If you have finished and you’re set back waiting for the results then take a hot shower and enjoy a cold beer while you wait.

Okay … I’ve waited an hour and I still don’t see my segments unlocked. Now what?

Did you do all that you had to? Conquered them all in 72 hours’ time? Uploaded it to this site? Waited an hour? Still nothing? Then head over here, where Strava can help you out.

Oh … that still didn’t do the trick? Please contact us directly via cycling@visitflanders.com. We’ll bring you right on track.

Are private rides on Strava also taken into account on the website's digital Hall of Fame?

No. www.flandrienchallenge.cc only recognizes public activities on Strava.

I'm riding the segments, but suddenly my battery is low or even dead ... How can I track or prove the fact that I rode those segments?

You better make sure you and your battery are fully charged, or that you can charge along the way. You know the saying: "If it ain't on Strava, it didn't happen".

Yes, I am a true Flandrien! I've unlocked all badges in less than 72 hours. What do I do now? How to claim my personalized cobblestone?

Congrats! You've proven yourself a true Flandrien! Now we invite you to theCentre Ronde van Vlaanderen in Oudenaarde. No need to make an appointment. Just show your smartphone with the completed challenge to the kind people at the desk, and they will create your personalized stone. To make the experience complete, you can hang the stone on the 'Wall of Fame' by yourself. Just remember that the name and country you chose in your Strava profile is also what will be printed on your stone.

Where is the Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen? And when can I claim my personalized cobblestone?

The Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen is located in Oudenaarde, in the heart of the Vlaamse Ardennen: Markt 43, 9700 Oudenaarde. Open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Please try to claim your stone before 5 pm, certainly if you're a group. The printing takes some time. Check the official website for more information.

The Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen is closed and I really have to catch my train/flight. What about my personalized cobblestone?

No worries. Your stone will be printed and added to the 'Wall of Fame' in the Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen in Oudenaarde. You can count on it! You can always ask them for a picture by sending an e-mail to info@crvv.be. Just remember that the name and country you chose in your Strava profile is also what will be printed on your stone. Send an e-mail in time if you like to change this. If you want your stone to be shipped to your address, please be aware that we will need to charge you the shipping costs.

A great honour to have my own personalized cobblestone hanging on the Wall of Fame. But can I also take one home?

Sure you can! A second stone can be printed for the small amount of 5 euros (shipping costs not included). On top, you'll even get a free shower, drink and 10 % discount in the shop. Just ask for it in the Centre Ronde van Vlaanderen.

Where to stay?

Oudenaarde is a good place to be based, since 50 of the 59 segments are located in this region. You could also choose to spend 1 night in Ypres for the other 9 segments. Either way, head over to our accommodation section to see the places we recommend.

How to get from Oudenaarde to Ypres by train or bike?

A train ride from Oudenaarde to Ypres takes about an hour. You switch trains in Kortrijk. You can take your bike on the train for an additional 4 EUR. Everything you need to know is on www.belgiantrain.be. Prefer doing some extra kilometers on the bike? We designed this route for you.

I missed a segment due to road works. Now what? No worries. Just show us your Strava activities and progress by connecti

No worries. Just show us your Strava activities and progress by connecting to Strava on our website, and we'll fix this for you.


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