The essential guide to cycling in flanders

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All you ever needed to know about cycling in Flanders. Discover impressive routes, challenging bucket lists and tips to plan your stay!

Ride the Flemish Classics. Eat the Flemish classics.

Flanders is also famous for its delicious Belgian fries, often accompanied by a hearty beef stew. We created the perfect synergy: energy gels inspired by our top classic Flemish dish: stoofvlees-friet!

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Bergs and cobbles

The combination of cobbles and cycling in Flanders creates a unique and thrilling experience for both riders and spectators, and it has contributed to the region's reputation as a cycling mecca. Here’s an overview of the best cobblestone roads and climbs in Flanders.

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Discover Flanders’ hand-picked, most challenging and well-documented routes. By and for cycling enthusiasts.

Have you got what it takes to become a True Flandrien?

Flanders, the heartland of cycling, is calling you for an unbelievable experience. Hit 59 iconic berg & cobble segments, marked on the road and tracked online, in less than 72 hours.

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Plan Your Stay

Get the hottest tips and tricks to take on Flanders by bike! When should you visit? Where can you rent a bike? What’s the perfect place to stay? Or drink the perfect Belgian beer?

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Epic Stories

Those who adore cycling are bound to collect some great stories. Here they are, or at least some of them.


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I love cycling, but bergs & cobbles are not my cup of tea.

Cycling day trips

Check out VISITFLANDERS to plan your trip exploring the history, nature, heritage and arts of Flanders. A place home to unparalleled culinary and beer culture.

Cycling holiday

Plan a cycling weekend or holiday along one of the nine iconic cycle routes to discover the best of Flanders.