How to ... participate in cyclocross racing in Flanders?

You’ve mastered your local cyclocross league, or maybe no longer finish last, and now you want to broaden your racing horizons. There’s only one place to go next and that’s the heartland of cyclocross - Flanders.


"Cyclocross, or veldrijden, is the most popular winter sport in Flanders. The stars of the sport are household names and each has a dedicated fan club. Racing and watching cyclocross in Flanders is an extraordinary experience and not to be missed. If you want the best cyclocross then set your compass for Flanders."

That's not us talking, but Tim Costello from 'Rijden' is a passion for the cobbles, classics and cyclocross of Flemish racing. It translates as riding. In a blogpost on his website, Tim focussed on those who’d like to try their hand at racing cyclocross in Flanders. For advice, he turned to someone who has notched up appearances in over 150 Flemish amateur cyclocross races during a long cycling career: Andy Roberts. He has been racing cyclocross in Flanders regularly since 2015.

We think the blog is a great way to discover all about participating in cyclocross racing in Flanders. That's why we're keen on sharing it with you: Cyclocross Racing in Belgium | Blog ( Combine it with our story on cyclocross in Flanders to get the complete picture.

Cyclocross - Andy Roberts


Flanders breathes cycling, so it's no surprise that several places to stay aim for amateur and pro cyclists as their guests. They often offer a full spectrum of services for riders and their families, teams, and fans. Some of the most interesting ones in the Flemish Ardennes region are probably the Flandrien Hotel and the The Chainstay.

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