Those who adore cycling are bound to collect some great stories. Here they are, or at least some of them.


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In the brochure at the national cycling museum it’s explained that the nickname “Flandrien” was typical for the Flemish track cyclists who were showmen for...
De Ronde
On the road
Want to experience the Ronde van Vlaanderen first-hand? Plan carefully. Here are our 10 tips.
On the road
There are some editions of the Tour of Flanders in which the winner, no matter how heroic his exploits may be, is not the one that most people end up...
Yellow Icons celcius
On the road
Flanders is cycling 365 days a year. We have loads of sportives, races, cycling museums and routes to discover...and we have the perfect weather for Flandriens.
Jaegher Flandrien Challenge
On the road
The Flandrien Challenge is a collection of 59 iconic Flemish cobbled sections and (normally cobbled) hills and 72 hours to tame them.
Cycling in Flanders logo
The Muur, the Koppenberg, the Paterberg... these are only a few of the legendary cobbled climbs where cycling history was written.
Eddy and the Ronde
There may be a bigger pool of riders these days but there are no truly great riders like Eddy Merckx amongst them.
An Italian roar
Over the years, the Tour of Flanders has drawn many big cycling champions to Flanders, both foreign and domestic.
Cycling and beer
Cycling and drinking beer: a difficult combination? Maybe, but somehow they go together very well in Flanders.
Bergs & cobbles
On the road
When your legs explode and arms go numb, you’ve arrived on the Koppenberg, a Flemish climb that has reduced pro bike racers to shuffling, broken survivors.
The why of the blue
The French Alcyon cycling brand has been the major sponsor of some of the world’s best cyclists in the early years of cycling.
Peter Van Petegem
In the Tour of Flanders Centre, our starting point, two cobblestones are evidence of Van Petegem’s Tour victories in 1999 and 2003.
The last of the Flandriens
Dieter Gussé not only looks rugged, with his long hair and black sideburns, he is also rake-thin like a professional cyclist.


Switch bike
I love cycling, but bergs & cobbles are not my cup of tea.

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