Cycling came home during the 100th UCI Road World Championships in 2021. Julian Alaphilippe took the title home to France after a thrilling race, but everyone will also remember the massive turnout of the fans. Flanders 2021 was a huge cycling party. This route offers you the chance to cycle into that same landscape that offers no quarter. Unless, of course, you decide tot make a pit stop and unwind at one of the cycling cafés. After a warm-up loop in the beautiful surroundings of Leuven, you’ll find yourself on the epic slopes of the Moskesstraat in Terlanen, the Smeysberg in Huldenberg, The Bekestraat in Eizer and the S-bend in the heart of Overijse. You won’t get a chance to catch your breath before you’re hit with another climb. And what lurks behind it? A circuit where you can make your own cycling history. (c) some pictures: Flanders 2021, Lander Loeckx.

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