Kick off the Flandrien Challenge by conquering the 9 segments in the Kemmelberg area. This route is perfect as an afternoon ride after you arrive and get settled in. The roads of the Westhoek are an under-appreciated hotbed of cycling. On these muddy farm lanes, through the constant wind, Flandriens like Frank Vandenbroucke, Johan Museeuw and Johan Bruyneel honed their craft. The area is also rich in history with the fiercest fighting of the Western Front in World War One taking place in a small, idyllic area. Today, however, the scenery is placid and beautiful. Our route begins in Ieper, under the Menen Gate, a memorial to some 54,395 soldiers who perished in the fighting and have no known grave, before heading South and East into no-mans land and past several other memorials before we arrive at the Kemmelberg for the first of two ascents. In between you can enjoy the experience of Gent-Wevelgem as you climb and descend the numerous small ridges in the area, all with a different view across Flanders Fields.

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74.8km Finish