The Sportimonium: on the Wheel of Eddy Merckx

In the ‘Sportimonium’, one of the few museums in the world to be recognised as an ‘Olympic museum’ by the IOC, you can learn about the highlights of cycling history and the memorable career of Eddy Merckx in an interactive quiz and an activity game on a tablet.


Would you like to explore the cycling heritage of the region from the saddle! Then take one of the three signposted circular cycling routes . Each has a theme and panels with more information about cycling history and local cycling heroes. 

Two of the tracks run alongside the Sportimonium. The first track, which has a length of about 50 km or 30 miles, runs through the breathtaking scenery in the green belt and brings you to the earlier Eddy Merckx bicycle factory. The two other tracks, which are each for about 40 or 50 km (25-30 miles) long, have a start northwards to Antwerp, which brings you through the region known for the building of velodromes, a very remarkable craft. The tracks are part of a network and can be made longer or shorter if wanted. Alongside the cycling tracks are 35 sign-boards with extra information about the region’s cycling history and the local international cycling heroes.

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