The mural was made by painter Jos Peeters on the occasion of the World Championship in Ronse in 1988. Both the 1963 and 1988 World Championships had a rather dramatic outcome. The world championship for professional riders 1963 in their own country had to be crowned by super favorite Rik Van Looy. The Emperor of Herentals was able to win the world title for the third time. When Van Looy broke away from the spurting group at 250 meters from the finish, the goal was within reach. However, a modest servant and teammate decided differently. Against all team appointments Benoni Beheyt remounted his leader, passed over and knocked him half a wheel. Rik Van Looy was second and the Dutchman Jo De Haan completed the stage that plunged the entire Belgian cycling world into mourning. Ronse immediately became a household name for cycling enthusiasts.

Perhaps even more dramatic and much closer is the World Championship for pros in 1988. The Walloon regional cyclist Claude Criquielion seemed in a spurt with three well on his way to fulfill his favorite role and on the flank of the Kruisberg a second world title behind his name. At 175 meters from the finish line he dived into the gap between the Canadian Steve Bauer and the nadar barrier. His front wheel hit the concrete support base, Criquielion went head over. and the unknown Italian Maurizio Fondriest became world champion. Ronse again became an item for (sports) world news

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