After the appetiser we served up in the West, are you ready for your main course?Taking in 12 climbs and 7 cobbled sectors, as well as countless unheralded ups and downs, day 2 of the Flandrien Challenge is where you'll really earn your spurs as a True Flandrien. 190 Kilometres and 2,300 climbing meters beginning with a coffee at the Centrum Rode Van Vlaanderen before sending you to the cobbles of the Nokereberg and back across the Schelde into the beating heart of the Tour of Flanders!From there, you'll take the scenic route South to Geraadsbergen for a showdown with the Muur and Bosberg before winding your way back via historic ways like the Molenberg, Kerkgate and the Wolvenberg. There are times when you'll be almost able to see the finish in the last 50km but remember a True Flandrien never gives up and can reward themselves with something stronger than coffee back at the Centrum Ronde Van Vlaanderen's cafe.

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189.6km Finish