In 1950, the World Championships took place in Moorslede. Because the UCI thought the local loops in Moorslede were not selective enough, a loop was added along Ypres and Heuvelland. This route is based on the original course dating from that time, but with start and finish at the KOERS museum in Roeselare.

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Moorslede betonbaan

Little has changed here

When riding on this typical concrete road, fighting against the ever blowing wind amidst the fields, it's not hard to imagine how Iron Briek must have felt during those last miles towards the finish line.

Tussen Moorslede en Ieper

Ever winding roads

Menin Gate

Passage under the Menin gate

Before arriving at the foot of Rodeberg, the riders in 1950 had to tackle a long ascending road towards the climb. We left this part in the route, so that you can feel their pain as well. You're welcome.

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Ireland Peace Park, Messines

WK Moorslede 1950 Briek

1950 finish line passage

The long and straight Breulstraat has been specially constructed for the World Championships. A 500 meter long tribune was erected there, quite unusual for that time. During the first big loop towards Ypres, the local priest held a mass under this tribune.

WK1950 Briek


124km Finish