The UCI 2021 Road World Championships will mirror the infamous Flemish races. Short cunning climbs along winding roads, occasionally interspersed with a bumpy cobblestone strip and often a combination of both. Tense your calves and ride the bergs of the 100th World Championships yourself. Don't forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery and reward yourself with a good glass in one of the cycling bars or breweries along the route, or after the finish in Leuven. We advise you to ride the Flandrien Circuit featured in the Routes section of this website to complete the bucket list. Make sure to share your badge with the rest of the world on social media afterwards.

Distance 0.6km Altimeters 48m
Distance 0.5km Altimeters 44m
Distance 0.3km Altimeters 27m
Distance 0.4km Altimeters 24m
Distance 1.1km Altimeters 32m
Distance 1km Altimeters 45m
Distance 0.4km Altimeters 34m
Distance 0.7km Altimeters 25m