For over 100 years, the Flemish Ardennes have provided the stunning backdrop to one of the world’s greatest cycling races. Heroes are born in the foothills of this beautiful region, and made on its famous hilltops. Throughout its valleys and villages, ordinary people emerge by the hundreds of thousands every year to witness the spectacle of the Tour of Flanders. As riders challenge the steep climbs and the jarring cobblestones… as they fall, get up and ride on… Indeed, the combination of hills and cobblestones has put this region on the map as an ideal place to test the strength, speed and endurance of some of the world’s finest riders. But even less race-hardy enthusiasts travel here from around the world to feel the burning in their thighs and get a taste for what it must be like to ride in the Tour of Flanders.

Distance 2.1km Altimeters 92m
Distance 1.2km Altimeters 63m
Distance 0.9km Altimeters 63m
Distance 1.1km Altimeters 62m
Distance 0.4km Altimeters 28m
Distance 0.4km Altimeters 41m
Distance 0.5km Altimeters 23m
Distance 0.3km Altimeters 16m
Distance 0.8km Altimeters 54m
Distance 0.5km Altimeters 33m
Distance 0.6km Altimeters 62m