So you don't like our roughly paved roads and bergs? No worries, we've got plenty of climbs without cobblestones. From the endless Ladeuze to the surreal sight of a ski lift on the Baneberg this bucket list will show you that just because they're paved, doesn't mean they're easy.

Distance 1.2km Altimeters 65m
Distance 1.5km Altimeters 62m
Distance 0.6km Altimeters 50m
Distance 0.9km Altimeters 46m
Distance 0.9km Altimeters 85m
Distance 0.8km Altimeters 66m
Distance 1km Altimeters 60m
Distance 0.4km Altimeters 29m
Distance 0.8km Altimeters 35m
Distance 2.7km Altimeters 109m
Distance 0.3km Altimeters 16m
Distance 0.7km Altimeters 43m